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What is SAGE?

What is SAGE?

Services & Advocacy for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Elders (SAGE) is one of the first organizations to provide services for the elderly LGBT community. The organization originally was founded in New York City in 1978, and now it has spread with SAGENET 28 affiliates in 20 states, including an active chapter in Raleigh.

The national organization is involved with a wide range of issues, and the local chapter provides support services and activities for LGBT elders. Single LGBT people often have no family or support system to help as they age and often go "back into the closet" when they move into institutions. Of course, one of the primary objectives is to help them to remain independent both physically and mentally. Discrimination knows no boundaries, but it is particularly devastating on the elderly.

Cooperating organizations include the U.S. Administration on Aging and AARP. The local chapter has focused on advocating for affordable housing in our community since that is an issue as the city rapidly has grown. Younger families move out farther into the suburbs where housing is less expensive, but that isolates LGBT seniors with few social connections. Unfortunately, many churches that otherwise provide a social connection discriminate against LGBT people.

Meet-Up and other social media have provided alternatives to the bars for social connections for the LGBT community. I belong to several gay LGBT groups, including SAGE. With the advent of legalized same-sex marriage, many couples simply have blended into their communities and have been accepted. Companies and local governments have become more accepting and less discriminating. Unfortunately, the North Carolina General Assembly reversed that trend and enacted discrimination of all LGBT people into law. Some erroneously believe that law affected only the transgender community.

The LGBT Center of Raleigh provides services and activities for all ages. One of their events OutRaleigh draws thousands of LGBT and heterosexual families to the annual street fair in downtown Raleigh. The Center partners with numerous other local and state organizations in advocating for non-discriminatory policies. We are active supporters of the Moral Monday marches that draw thousands to protest the right-wing legislation of the General Assembly and its impact on the poor and marginalized people of the state. Their tax policies particularly have favored their wealthy supporters.

As the discriminatory policies of the Trump Administration go into effect, the programs of SAGE and LGBT Centers will be increasing important in protecting our civil rights.

Trump Inaguration

Pride Eagle 2014

A friend of mine asked why I hate Trump. I don't hate him personally like I did George Bush. He is a demagogue and buffoon that can't help who he is. What concerns me is what he already has done even before he assumed office. 1) He has made us the laughing stock of the world who are not amused by his antics. 2) He has created uncertainty and concern with his stance for denying the facts of a) we are in a global economy, b) that climate change is not just a theory but an issue of immediate concern.

He won because of his direct appeals to fear, racism, denigration of women, gays, and immigrants. He broke open the wounds of the hatred after the eight years of our first African-American President and made it acceptable not only to speak with hateful words but even to act with violence without fear of punishment. He has again split our racial divide wide open and even incited riots.

I don't know where he stands on the LGBT community. He talked a lot about us a lot, but I think that a lot of that was to appeal to the right-wing lunatic fringe. He claimed that he was speaking as a defendant of the working class, but all you need do is look at his cabinet appointments. Although Hillary Clinton would not have been such a loose cannon, I'm not sure how different she would have been since she is clearly a part of the New York City financial clique. Another friend told me that they are personal friends and that the election was sort of an inside joke between them. The mere fact that she is attending his inaugural speaks volumes.

I was not surprised by the Russian cyber-attack. Several years before the treaty, we attacked Iran and destroyed their centrifuges. The Chinese attack on Sony received a lot more publicity even though it was business sabotage rather than an effort to infiltrate the American election system.

I have read a lot recently from pundits in the past who predicted that democracy would collapse as we were susceptible to manipulation by propagandists. The evolution of social media and the collapse of traditional media provided the opportunity for the "reality TV" expert to show how he could manipulate the media, the polls, and the public. I wonder if it is all just a big joke to him or an effort to further inflate his megalomania. Obviously, he has lots of psychological issues as well as an ignorance of even 4th grade geography.

I deny the advice to just wait and see what happens. The philosophy of hope for the best but prepare for the worst is inadequate. Obama once jokingly commented to the Wall St. bankers in the 2008 crisis that he was all that stood between them and the pitchforks. Well, now I say it's time to bring out the pitchforks and not just lobby and petition but to promote civil disobedience like we haven't seen since the 1960's. I'm ready to march with John Lewis.

Hope for Peace in 2017

An evening at home in peace

On the night Jesus was born, his country was occupied by a foreign army that was huge, cruel, and efficient. It was the military might of the world. The Jewish religious leaders were collaborators with Rome who focused on keeping their status rather than serving the people. Illness, poverty, and disability were considered to be signs of God's disfavor, and thus these people were to be shunned. Shortly after his birth, he and his family were forced to flee to Egypt to escape probable death. They were refugees for about three years. They were like the refugees that flee from their homes today as the result of war, famine, and political persecution. When he returned to his native land and later became an adult, he started a new ministry of healing and teaching the common people.

Over a few decades after his death and resurrection, his small handful of followers of his teaching of a new way of life grew in numbers and spread across the globe. Three hundred years later the religion that developed out of his teaching became known as Christianity, conquered the Roman Empire, and became the official state religion.

None of this came about easily or without much suffering and not always for the right purposes. But as we see today, not everyone who calls themselves Christian practice his way of life or follow his commands. Over two thousand years we have fractured into hundreds of splinter groups who not only differ in theology but also primarily seek political dominance.

Hopefulness does not equate with passive submission. Onward Christian soldiers, marching as to war challenges us to be aggressive in fighting evil. But the reality is that we already are engaged in a series of wars within Islam in the world and in within the Protestant religion within this country. All leaders claim that God is on their side. War is not the solution, but how do we bring about peace? With love and charity for those who would hurt and despise us. But that admonition of Jesus is hard to follow.

How can I let go of this terrible anger that I feel? I do not wish to be a martyr. I cannot understand how America has regressed to the great divides of a hundred years ago in wealth and poverty, morality, racism, and oppression of minorities. The current political philosophy is that money is king and political power comes from the top down, and common people are its servants. Have we reverted to a 21st Century Feudalism?

We have developed science and technology, but we have not learned how to create and sustain social justice. In the 18th and 19th Centuries some nations descended into literal revolutions that convulsed the world into economic and political chaos. The aristocrats of 18th Century America wrote our Constitution and Bill of Rights that created a revolution in how to govern. They not only saved the nation; they created a new democracy.

In the late 19th Century, America experienced a great awakening with a religious fervor that occurred outside the church and spread across rural America and renewed the nation. Today we are again divided by race, gender, status, and economic class. Are we facing another precipice? Who will speak for social justice? We have Bernie Sanders Our Revolution and the Reverend William Barber's Moral Majority, but will they be enough to recover our freedom?

I believe that the forward march of history will prevail, even though progress occurs in fits and starts. We're experiencing a great backlash against our first African-American President. The hatred that has been repressed for eight years is now out in the open, and we will continue to see more violence. But the blood-letting eventually will exhaust itself, and common sense may once again return to the land.

May the dawn of a new year bring a renewal of hope in America.

The names have changed, but the style is the same

Trier, Germany

I have a sense of foreboding about the status of America today that I compare with that of Germany in the 1930's. They elected a leader who was great at propaganda promoting a sense of national pride based upon a virulent anti-Semitic ethos. The industrialists supported him because they saw an opportunity for great profits in rebuilding their war machine. He was elected because of the dysfunctional leadership of the Weimar Republic and rapidly increased his power to become a dictator. The populace supported him in his resentment of the intelligentsia and ignored his trampling over the rule of law and the courts. He built on a sense of racial superiority that classified all others as inferior. His megalomania knew no bounds when he demeaned his generals while using them to prepare for war. He supported "strong" leaders in other countries who operated as dictators rather than elected officials. He made no distinction between his personal aggrandizement and that of making the nation great again.

For many people this may seem too strong a criticism of someone who hasn't even assumed office yet, but the parallels seem too obvious to ignore. By the time the German people realized what had happened, it was too late to take any action to rectify their error. When the working-class people realized that they had elected someone who would govern to benefit the financiers rather than them, they were more than just disappointed. They were disenfranchised as an oligarchy assumed full control of both the economy and the government.

With the decision by the US Supreme Court in the case of Citizens United in recent years, the former checks and balances that limited the role of corporations have been eliminated. They are free to operate in any manner they wish in buying elections and/or punishing legislators who they feel do not support their interests. Is there any real difference between the Krump family and the Koch brothers other than the spelling of their names?

The CIA was manipulated by the Bush Administration in supporting what already was a foregone conclusion that we were going to war with Iraq. Iraq was a nation with the same leader we supported in their 8-year war with Iran. The difference was later we saw an opportunity to gain greater control of their oil resources. Now the CIA is being ignored because it doesn't support the conclusion that Russia is our friend and business partner. The appointment of the new Secretary of States confirms that in a very literal sense.

Why am I becoming so openly political when I'm supposed to be addressing the rights of the LGBT community, especially when it comes to participating in church activities? Well, we've already seen a more open hostility by those who call themselves religious leaders, especially toward transgender and people of color. The rhetoric of the campaign is coming to life in a reality show that is being acted out daily in people's lives.

In the 1930's a few German religious and political leaders expressed their dissent and ended up in the concentration camps. We've been told that all Moslems are our enemies and should be put in internment camps along with the Mexicans. So, we will end up with M&M's of all colors and stripes being persecuted or forced to leave. Oh, let's not forget the Queers. They are a threat to religious freedom too so they should be locked up also.

We cannot remain passive and hopeful that the Donald didn't mean what he said in the campaign and will change after he gets in power. We must challenge him every step of the way just like the Republicans did with Obama.

The US is in the midst of an internal war

St. George's Chapel - Prague

In 2003 some friends and I spent Thanksgiving in Prague. A decade earlier the small country had been divided into two nations: The Czech Republic and Slovakia. Fortunately, they did not have to undergo a civil war, as happened with the break-up of Yugoslavia. Unfortunately, the United States of America also is no longer one nation. We are divided into categories.

By federal laws or regulations, we have certain "protected categories" of people considering race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, disability, or citizenship. We have "unprotected categories" that may be protected under state or local laws or regulations, such as sexual orientation, gender identity, economic status, educational level or ability, or place of residence.

In fact, these so-called categories have become defacto lines of division and discrimination not only within states but also within the nation. As this last election clearly demonstrated, we are divided along many lines that separate us. These conflicts make the plea for unity ring empty and hollow. We have not come to the point of a civil war again, but we have daily protests, harassment, and various acts of both verbal and physical violence. We are a nation at war with itself.

I do not presume to offer a solution. I am at war within myself. My Christianity demands that I be loving, kind, forgiving, and accepting (not just tolerating) of all people, but there are those I literally despise. I shall not name them here because they probably also despise me. I will state that many who claim the name of Christians demonstrate that they are not with their vitriol and hatred both in speech and action.

The focus of this blog has been about the divisions within Christianity regarding sexual orientation, and specifically the 40-year debate within the United Methodist Church. Some claim the priority of dogma as a sacred covenant, in this case The Book of Disciple. Others claim the teachings of Jesus as their primary authority. We separate over even how to interpret the Holy Bible and what it means or how we are to use it. This endless debate has driven many millennials away from the church as being irrelevant to their lives or beliefs. They don't want anything to do with organized religion and the church empires that often are focused around some dynamic personalities rather than a love of God.

This is the season of Advent. A time of hope, reflection, prayer, and anticipation of a new world order that will bring about the end of war and division. God help us all.