The US is in the midst of an internal war

St. George's Chapel - Prague

In 2003 some friends and I spent Thanksgiving in Prague. A decade earlier the small country had been divided into two nations: The Czech Republic and Slovakia. Fortunately, they did not have to undergo a civil war, as happened with the break-up of Yugoslavia. Unfortunately, the United States of America also is no longer one nation. We are divided into categories.

By federal laws or regulations, we have certain "protected categories" of people considering race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, disability, or citizenship. We have "unprotected categories" that may be protected under state or local laws or regulations, such as sexual orientation, gender identity, economic status, educational level or ability, or place of residence.

In fact, these so-called categories have become defacto lines of division and discrimination not only within states but also within the nation. As this last election clearly demonstrated, we are divided along many lines that separate us. These conflicts make the plea for unity ring empty and hollow. We have not come to the point of a civil war again, but we have daily protests, harassment, and various acts of both verbal and physical violence. We are a nation at war with itself.

I do not presume to offer a solution. I am at war within myself. My Christianity demands that I be loving, kind, forgiving, and accepting (not just tolerating) of all people, but there are those I literally despise. I shall not name them here because they probably also despise me. I will state that many who claim the name of Christians demonstrate that they are not with their vitriol and hatred both in speech and action.

The focus of this blog has been about the divisions within Christianity regarding sexual orientation, and specifically the 40-year debate within the United Methodist Church. Some claim the priority of dogma as a sacred covenant, in this case The Book of Disciple. Others claim the teachings of Jesus as their primary authority. We separate over even how to interpret the Holy Bible and what it means or how we are to use it. This endless debate has driven many millennials away from the church as being irrelevant to their lives or beliefs. They don't want anything to do with organized religion and the church empires that often are focused around some dynamic personalities rather than a love of God.

This is the season of Advent. A time of hope, reflection, prayer, and anticipation of a new world order that will bring about the end of war and division. God help us all.