The names have changed, but the style is the same

Trier, Germany

I have a sense of foreboding about the status of America today that I compare with that of Germany in the 1930's. They elected a leader who was great at propaganda promoting a sense of national pride based upon a virulent anti-Semitic ethos. The industrialists supported him because they saw an opportunity for great profits in rebuilding their war machine. He was elected because of the dysfunctional leadership of the Weimar Republic and rapidly increased his power to become a dictator. The populace supported him in his resentment of the intelligentsia and ignored his trampling over the rule of law and the courts. He built on a sense of racial superiority that classified all others as inferior. His megalomania knew no bounds when he demeaned his generals while using them to prepare for war. He supported "strong" leaders in other countries who operated as dictators rather than elected officials. He made no distinction between his personal aggrandizement and that of making the nation great again.

For many people this may seem too strong a criticism of someone who hasn't even assumed office yet, but the parallels seem too obvious to ignore. By the time the German people realized what had happened, it was too late to take any action to rectify their error. When the working-class people realized that they had elected someone who would govern to benefit the financiers rather than them, they were more than just disappointed. They were disenfranchised as an oligarchy assumed full control of both the economy and the government.

With the decision by the US Supreme Court in the case of Citizens United in recent years, the former checks and balances that limited the role of corporations have been eliminated. They are free to operate in any manner they wish in buying elections and/or punishing legislators who they feel do not support their interests. Is there any real difference between the Krump family and the Koch brothers other than the spelling of their names?

The CIA was manipulated by the Bush Administration in supporting what already was a foregone conclusion that we were going to war with Iraq. Iraq was a nation with the same leader we supported in their 8-year war with Iran. The difference was later we saw an opportunity to gain greater control of their oil resources. Now the CIA is being ignored because it doesn't support the conclusion that Russia is our friend and business partner. The appointment of the new Secretary of States confirms that in a very literal sense.

Why am I becoming so openly political when I'm supposed to be addressing the rights of the LGBT community, especially when it comes to participating in church activities? Well, we've already seen a more open hostility by those who call themselves religious leaders, especially toward transgender and people of color. The rhetoric of the campaign is coming to life in a reality show that is being acted out daily in people's lives.

In the 1930's a few German religious and political leaders expressed their dissent and ended up in the concentration camps. We've been told that all Moslems are our enemies and should be put in internment camps along with the Mexicans. So, we will end up with M&M's of all colors and stripes being persecuted or forced to leave. Oh, let's not forget the Queers. They are a threat to religious freedom too so they should be locked up also.

We cannot remain passive and hopeful that the Donald didn't mean what he said in the campaign and will change after he gets in power. We must challenge him every step of the way just like the Republicans did with Obama.